Sadiq Imam Musa and Billy Egbe High jack APC DELTA Youth Forum. By Timi.


NOT until corruption stop from you and me, who are the Youth, corruption cannot be stopped by the adults POLITICIANS.

The desire peace, love, unity and  tranquility we anticipate cannot be  sustained in the mist of acrimony, hostility, conspiracy, sinister, and friendenemy. Sigmund Freud once said “peace is not the absence of conflict but the prevalence of justice”.

Sadiq hijacked Delta APC youth forum (DYF) on the 18th September, 2017 about 10:53pm. Delta youth forum was formally Delta Ijaw youth forum created by Daniel Ughere publicity secretary of DIYW as directed by the president Comr. Timi Coleman at the  resolve of her inaugural meeting. Basically, the Ijaw youth forum was created to register Ijaw youths across the state to deliberate issues concerning the party and the overall dominance of APC round about Ijaw communities and delta state at large.

The name delta Ijaw APC youth forum was changed to delta APC youth forum because of the need for Ijaw youths to have her own private forum. Because the forum was already saturated with non Ijaw APC members. Another reason was the demand to create all encompassing general youth forum regardless of tribal affiliation. This idea and suggestion was promulgated immediately after the Youth peace movement under the auspices of APC youth peace committee co-chaired by Hon. Elvis Ayomanor and Amb. Young Piero earlier this year.

To the best of my knowledge on that faithful day, one Onitsha shedrack posted an article tagged “delta APC chairman charges Enuha’s group to stop self-help posture” on online blog which raised little discuss of forumites. Another article was posted by Sir Ejaeta Odjogo “an eye opener to chief Enuha’s hidden agenda in APC” which was not deliberated at all. Another article was posted by Godspower Ogoru “Ogboru on a mission to Fail again” which took the floor of the day.

Billy Egbe who was one of the adm. removed the two major protagonist ( Godspower Ogoru & One Abraham ) of the Ogboru matter, including Aghogho Arotoma. But Aghogho Arotoma was reinstated because he was not part of the intense argument. Shortly after Arotoma reinstatement, Sadiq Musa serially removed all other Adms including the origin owners of the forum.

When my attention was drawn to the serial removal, I contacted Sadiq to know the reasons he the obnoxious act. And he responded that I should give him sometime (at least 30th September 2017) to restore peace, justice, equity, tranquility and sanity back to APC youths in Delta state, thereafter you can be restored back.

In light of the above response, I ask him the following questions:
1) Who is insane in the forum that needs adjustment?
2) can’t you sanitize the forum without removing fellow ADM.?
3) did I made you ADM to remove me?
4) which WhatsApp group is totally free from heated arguments?
5) what did you call your action by removing fellow adm. Including the person that made you ADM?
6) what peace have you made in bvd and APC takeover that throw tantrums each passing day?
7) is it on WhatsApp forum people make peace?
Until now, Sadiq has not answered any of these questions. You cannot get peace and unity by ignoring the questions that have to be faced.
Sadiq should tell Delta APC why he removed all the adms  of Delta APC youth forum?

For the benefit of doubt I allowed him to roll till 30th September, 2017 he did not add us back. He pleaded for another one week which I also allowed him, but he did not reinstate us. This is how he had been playing with my sensitivity.

When I investigated his ill actions, it was alleged that he removed others to silent their voices because he perceived that most of the administrators are from MDA pressure group. My question is, now that pressure groups are collapsing to form a united front, where will he put his face?

It was also alleged that this same Sadiq hijacked Delta integrity network WhatsApp forum from the original brains behind the creation.

Peace, unity and tranquility cannot be achieved through backstabbing and conspiracy.

I have decided to take this noble medium not because I’m a coward nor intimidated but to further sustain my marriage to peaceful coexistence. Those that actually know me will wink at my penultimate postulation. My friend call me the “Nigga that don’t waste bullet” oh yes! I don’t waste my bullet even if it will take me twenty years to hit the target…..

I hate pretence, we cannot vocalize peace, unity in the face of people and do things in the dark that can orchestrate division. Absolute peace is natural, it is not forced, not faked. Today lives for tomorrow! Tomorrow is today’s history! Events of life are always in the peripherals of this world!

This is enough time for him to do the needful.

I hereby implore well meaning APC members to demand Sadiq Imam Musa to return Delta APC youth WhatsApp forum back to the original owners

By Comr. Timi Coleman FHNR





In speaking on this head I wish to direct the attention of hon. Members to, firstly ;
I which to place on record the very valuable work which the Delta State Governor, Dr. Ifeayi Author Okowa, has done by accepting hon. Chief Friday Akpoyibo wholeheartedly to the PDP Ughelli north Team. I may wish to add that, just accepting Akpoyibo into the Team can’t change anything if the hon. Has no political position through which he can fix some Orogun youths in payable employment and political empowerment. This will make the PDP Ughelli north Team remain sound footing and promptly mobilize the entire Kingdom under Ughelli north, especially the Orogun Kingdom, which is more superior in term of politics and education in recent time. I am sure, Mr. Governor Author Okowa will share my view in this matter. Chief Friday Akpoyibo made a statement on which I want to agree to and I am speaking on the policy by saying that I agree to everything hon. Chief Friday Akpoyibo said in connection with the good work done by the State Governor, Governor Okowa and his Cabinet.
I would also use this opportunity to advice the governor, that if he really means to win 2019 election, the upcoming local government election in Ughelli north should be zone to Agbaro, but if he believes that the 2019 election is going to be a tough game between his party and the opposition, he should give the ticket 🎫 to someone from Orogun. Only in this two areas, the Ughelli north can be a conquer by PDP In 2019.
I only want to draw the attention of the governor to the past. I think I have been saying this over and over. If you look into it you will agree that it is a great cheat on the people of Agbaro. Agbaro is larger in population than Agbara and even larger than the main Ughelli town when strangers returned home to their communities to vote during election time. I am appealing that in the spirit of fairness, Agbaro should be given the chance to take over the chairman position of Ughelli north in this upcoming local government election 2018.

TO the Nuts and Bolts in a Nutshell;
What is the real difficulty and suffering today in Orogun is the lack of The OMO-AGEGE political Maradona Team to carry THE  Orogun YOUTH along politically. All we have in that Team are leaders telling us that WE are winning but WE never see the dividency of the winning. The winner takes all by neglecting the entire Kingdom and calls everyone poor illiterates. The inculcated few see themselves as semi gods to be worship by the larger population of the crown. This is embarrassing and truly embarrassing in Democratic setting. The OMO-AGEGE political Team is made up of people born by “Osu.”
The definition of the word “Osu” includes an Oru or Ohu or an Ume or an Omoni and also includes the descendants of an Osu, an Oru, an Ohu, an Ume, and an Omoni and any person subject to a legal or social disability or social stigma which is similar to or nearly similar to that born by an Osu, an Oru, an Ohu, an Ume or an Omoni. Those elected are in  the best place to know this better.
“Osu system” includes any system, status, institution, or practice which implies that any person involved is subject to a legal or social disability or social stigma which is similar to, or nearly similar to, that born by an “Osu.”
These are the kind of people that Team up destroying Orogun Kingdom politically. Those who mistakely joined where they did not belong are now pulling themselves out to join the real Indigenous people of Orogun Kingdom.

I have to congratulate the State minister of Finance, The State Secretary, Ughelli-Udu Federal Representative member, hon. Barr. Chief Samuel Mariere, hon. Commissioner  Chief Pius Odioko Ovbije POC and all others who have, in a way, contributed their share in making the SAD FUNERAL BUT EXCITING ADVENTURE what is it today as it has been presented to us.
I congratulate the commissioner Pius Odioko Ovbije particularly because he has explored all avenues to improve and increase, make stronger, The PDP political Team in Orogun Kingdom. But he is not alone in doing this and that’s why I have also mentioned all those who helped him. The scene of the Akpoyibo defection has shown that Orogun Kingdom has potentialities future politicians which, if the government will look into, and devise better means of increasing the number of appointments, will place the kingdom on a sound financial basis. I call the Akpoyibo movement to PDP political party, a promising and hopeful movement because Governor Ifeayi Author Okowa has told us that, he will build network of roads across Orogun villages that are not yet roadable and most importantly, some of our youths would be fixed in some government industries. May I at this juncture draw the attention of the governor to a road which no government since 1999 has never talked about, it popularly known as Ugono-Orogun Kokori shortcut road. I appeal to the government to send their agents to inquire about this road for construction, firstly, grading.

The last but not the least….. I hope everyone understands and knows that I am the Referee taking charge of the two political football Game, occupying the field and it is my pleasure, with your permission, to write out the relevant portions from each Team and to say what I think is my own opinion.
Though most may be tempted to use the word inconsistency, I see no reason why one should be consistent with unprofitable business or consistent in rendering his constituents useless.
From the above, I disagree with your word “consistency” as long as politics is concerned. That word should only be used by corrupted POLITICIANS who don’t know their left from their right.

Part 5 coming soon.
Chief Friday Akpoyibo is never a boy in The OMO-AGEGE Team.

From The Media Gallery Ogbuyenbility Of Africa,
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Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari recently flew out to Istanbul for the D-8 meeting. I wonder how many Nigerians understand the meaning of D-8? In the Nigerian media, you see something like “Developing 8” and yes, it’s also known as “Developing 8” but what “Developing 8”?

These days, they don’t like to call it what it is. It is actually an organization of 8 Developing Muslim, yes, Muslim nations. Very specific. Currently, countries that make up D-8 are  Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Turkey. Do you get the drift yet? Nigeria named amongst hardcore Islamic nations! And if you think this is some kind of regular, harmless bilateral or diplomatic relations, read below the history of the D-8.


“The idea of co-operation among major Muslim developing countries was mooted by Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan, the then Prime Minister of Turkey, during a Seminar on “Cooperation in Development” which was held in Istanbul in October 1996. The group envisioned co-operation among countries stretching from South East Asia to Africa. Representatives from Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria and Pakistan attended the Seminar. This conference was the first step towards the establishment of D-8 and it was only after a series of preparatory meetings that D-8 was set up officially and began its activities with the Istanbul Declaration issued at the end of the summit of Heads of State and Government held in Istanbul on 15 June 1997″

Recently, i gave a detailed analysis on how Nigeria was represented at the All Islamic Games in Baku, Azerbaijan. The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN got a wind of it and raised alarm but they were arrogantly ignored because the did is done!

Isn’t that how Sukuk, the Islamic Bond was recently introduced in Nigeria and the Nigerian Government has since dumped billions of Nigerian Naira into the venture. But wait! What is Sukuk by the way? Sukuk is a Legal Instrument, Deed or Cheque – simply an Arabic name for Financial Certificates or some type of loans agreement. SUKUK is also regarded as, watch this, “Sharia-Compliant Bond!” The Fiqh Academy of the OIC legitimized the use of Sukuk in February of 1988. It is meant for full blown Sharia – Compliant Islamic Nations or Regions. Sukuk uses billions of Nigeria’s collective wealth to issue Interest – Free loans to, i guess you know who…Again, the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN raised alarm, and like that of the Islamic Games, it fell on deaf arrogant ears! Why, because Nigerian Christians are TOAST!

Remember also that Nigeria is a full member of the Islamic Military Alliance, IMA, the Islamic world’s impression of NATO. And Nigeria is also a full member of the OIC, Organization of Islamic Countries/Conferences.

Little wonder Nigeria recently pulled out of 90 International organizations to which it belonged. Ninety! We still don’t have the list of those organizations. Obviously, D-8 isn’t one of them.

So, can you just give me one reason why you still believe the lie that Nigeria is a secular state. And you won’t support Restructuring?

Nigeria At The Worst Stage. By Dr. Victor Ichikogu.

Nigerians took a retrogressive slide in 2015 by voting Muhammadu Buhari as president. If GEJ’s was corrupt, PMB’s administration is worse in terms of corruption. In the time of GEJ, there was boom in the oil sector which made money to be abundantly available for looting by the looting cabal in that administration, under PMB’s administration, despite the lean resources available at the centre cases of reckless corrupt activities at the centre abound. If the kind of money that was available for GEJ’s administration is available for this administration, the corruption under GEJ would have been a child’s play.


By Inudi Monday…..

Create three new states from Urhobo nation —Oghenekaro

Former member of the defunct Bendel State House of Assembly for Ethiope South-East constituency, Chief Michael Oghenekaro, has called for the creation of three new states from the present Urhobo nation, in line with the colonial administrative arrangement of Western, Eastern and Central Urhobo divisions.
Chief Oghenekaro, Convener and President of Evren-Urhobo Peoples Congress, EPC, a socio-political pressure group, told newsmen in Enerhen, Warri, Delta State, that there was need for the creation of Ughelli, Ethiope and Ame states to correct what he described as “the present imbalance, gross marginalisation and rape of our collective psyche.”
Oghenekaro, who is the Esemugboja of Udu Kingdom, explained that while the Northern, Eastern and Western regions, which enjoyed equal status with the Mid-West region in 1963 have grown to several states, the Mid-West region has remained stagnated in two states, denying the Urhobo nation the benefits of equal rights and opportunities with people from other parts of the country, maintaining that the only thing that could correct the structural imbalance was the creation of more states from the Urhobo nation.